Aberrant Ceramics is the clay art of Aaron Nosheny.
I make hand-built pottery, primitive ceramic sculpture, ornaments, and menorahs. It is my great joy to produce these clay monstrosities. I also love to send them out into the world.

Commissions are always welcome and I'm happy to discuss options to fit any budget.

I sell my work in the gallery at Tucson Clay Co-op.
I also sell through my Etsy shop. The items below are currently for sale. If you're interested in a different item, it's probably for sale as well.
Contact me with any questions or to propose a commission.
Also, if you would like to instigate an Art Feud, I'll try to hold up my end of the game.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Demodex Crucifixion

Demodex folliculorum is the eyelash mite, a tiny arachnid that lives, eats, and mates in hair follicles in your face.  Demodex mites are very common in humans.  You probably have them in your face right now.  They usually live out their lives without causing health problems for their hosts, but in some cases can cause skin infections.  The only way to cure a demodex infestation is to crucify a few individual mites and hope the others flee in fear.

Duck With Knife WIP

Don't duck with me

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Eye Magnets

Love - Hate Eyes

Angry Blue Face Mug

I've made several of these and they always sell because everyone loves an angry blue face and everyone loves being irritable while drinking coffee.  The glaze is a white glaze with an indigo/blue glaze on top of it.

Fetus Sculpture

This is a sculpture of a human fetus to go with the Fool Tarot card.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Cartoon Asparagus

I was thinking about making a vegan alphabet book using flat (and possibly some sculpted) cartoonish ceramic pieces.  This is the first one.  I was considering using funny alliterative names like Arnie the Asparagus but I'm going to let the characters name themselves.