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Aberrant Ceramics is the artwork of Aaron Nosheny,
ceramic artist and potter in Tucson, Arizona.

I work in the medium of stoneware clay and make hand-built pottery, sculpture, hamsas, ornaments, masks, and a variety of other forms.

I’m a self-taught autistic artist working in my medium for over twenty years. I like monsters, insects, weird animals, body horror, folk horror, horror comedy, horror in general, Halloween decorations, fast food mascots, kitsch – all of these creep into my work, but there’s really no overarching theme.

I am in love with my medium. I love the process of frantically birthing clay monstrosities, subjecting them to an epic trial by fire, and sending them out into the world.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cthulhu Madonna Missing

In May 2010, I left Cthulhu Madonna 2 behind a rocky outcropping off of a trail in Saguaro National Park West.  In September 2011, I returned and visited the sculpture.  In February 2012, someone emailed me a picture of the sculpture.  I returned to the site yesterday and Cthulhu Madonna 2 was gone.  I emailed the person who had sent me the photo, asking if she had adopted the sculpture, but she said she had left it for the next desert wanderer.

I don't want it back, but the reward for any information leading to the current whereabouts of Cthulhu Madonna 2 is Cthulhu Madonna 3.  N.B.  Made up ransom information is also welcome.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Robotron Brain 2

This Robotron Brain was overfired due to a kiln malfunction and has a rough texture.  I glazed it using various oxides and Queens glaze.

Here it is before glazing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mugato and Biker Scout Objects

These are two scrap objects.

This one uses a figure of Mugato, the venomous horned ape from Star Trek TOS.

This one uses a figure of a Biker Scout from Return of the Jedi.

More Small Chamsa Oxide Experiments

These are two more small chamsas used as test tiles for oxides.  I made some real test tiles, so I won't have to waste any more precious chamsas on experimentation.

This one uses red iron oxide with no overglaze.

This one uses copper carbonate with Warren's Green glaze.

Bread Girl Objects

These are objects made with a mold of another thrift store find.


Here is the Bread Girl herself.

Chamsa 74

This is Chamsa 74.  The snakes are painted with copper carbonate and the rest with red iron oxide, all with Queens glaze.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Robotron Brain 1

This is a Brain robot from the classic video game Robotron 2084.  The player's character plays the last real human being on Earth who must fight through hordes of robots, varying from mindless Grunts to the hyperintelligent Brains, which are able to convert the remaining cloned humans into deadly mutants.

This one is painted with acrylics.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chamsas 72 and 73

These are two larger chamsas, also with oxide experiments.

This is Chamsa 72 with cobalt and Queens glaze.  I'm not sure if it's cobalt oxide or cobalt carbonate.  I think it gives a more consistent blue than the Floating Blue glaze.

This is Chamsa 73 with copper carbonate and Queens glaze.  I like the small streaks of bright green and would probably work better if it were applied more lightly.

Small Chamsa Oxide Experiments

I've been working with clay for over eight years and I've decided it's time to start experimenting with oxides.  These are two small chamsas and I don't especially like how either one of them turned out.

This one is colored with black manganese dioxide (MnO2) with Queens glaze. I like the effect of our regular black glaze much more.

 This one uses red iron oxide (Fe2O3), also with Queens glaze.

Large Unfired Clamps Pot

This is a large slab pot shaped like the head of Clamps from Futurama.

Finished version of Large Clamps Pot

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lira da Braccio with a Mouthful O' Babies

The lira da braccio is an obsolete Renaissance stringed instrument.  There is an image of a decorated lira da braccio in Richard Huber's Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures that I've been using as a source for several years.

This is my third lira da braccio clay piece.  This one has a mouthful of babies.  I think it looks more like it's vomiting up a mass of babies than actually consuming them.

My first lira da braccio piece with the original image.   
It's for sale here.
My second lira da braccio piece.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Unfired Clamps Slab Pot

I have a commission for a pot in the shape of the Futurama character Clamps.  I have several ideas.  The first is a slab pot (actually more of a box).  I'm planning on making a larger version of the slab pot and also a coil pot.

Finished version of Small Clamps Pot

Friday, October 12, 2012

Death's Head Mask

This is a mask from a skull image from Richard Huber's Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures.

This is the source image.  I'm embarrassed because I've been describing it elsewhere as Tibetan and, according to the book, it's a "Death's-head, from a wooden trumpet rest, Mustang, Nepal, early 20th century."

Baalzebul Wall Mask

This is a wall mask depicting the Arch-devil known in Dungeons & Dragons as Baalzebul, Lord of the (F)lies, and elsewhere as Beelzebub.  Like most devil figures in monotheistic religions, Baalzebul/Beelzebub is a pagan deity (in this case Philistine) converted into an evil spirit.

The original illustration from the AD&D Monster Manual:

Unfired Eye of the Deep

This is an Eye of the Deep, an aquatic relative of the beholder.  It's also an Imaginary Commission.  Someone posted one of my beholders on Facebook and someone else responded that he would like to see this beholder variation.  So here it is.

Finished version of Eye of the Deep

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Small Chamsas with Oxides

These are some small chamsas that I'm using as tests for oxides as coloring.

This one uses copper oxide with Queens glaze:

This one uses cobalt, also with Queens.

This chamsa broke at the bottom but I finished it anyway.  It uses the Dry Matte Turquoise glaze.

Camelcoin and Durocoin

These are two coin objects using molds.

Camelcoin, using a mold made from a Nativity Scene figure:

Durocoin, using a Star Wars figure of a Duro, one of the greenish aliens with orange eyes from the Cantina scene in A New Hope.  The mold is not good enough to show much detail.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chair 3

This is Chair 3:  The Toothy Loveseat.  After it was bisque fired, I realized I wouldn't be able to adequately glaze the inside of the mouth.  Next time, I'll use black slip.

Chair 2

My Chairy sculpture is off to the auction block and I undertook a project to produce more chair sculptures without worrying about having to imitate a preexisting model.

This is Chair 2:  The Sofa With Giant, Luminous Eyes.


This is the Benderpot, a birthday present commission.  It's a tall coil pot with robot features and a lid.  The satin white glaze looks crappy, but I knew it would; it was part of the commission.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Anomalocaris Pot

This pot was thrown by another potter and given to me to decorate.  I gave it eyes and mouth parts similar to the anomalocarises I've been working on.