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Aberrant Ceramics is the artwork of Aaron Nosheny,
ceramic artist and potter in Tucson, Arizona.

I work in the medium of stoneware clay and make hand-built pottery, sculpture, hamsas, ornaments, masks, and a variety of other forms.

I’m a self-taught autistic artist working in my medium for over twenty years. I like monsters, insects, weird animals, body horror, folk horror, horror comedy, horror in general, Halloween decorations, fast food mascots, kitsch – all of these creep into my work, but there’s really no overarching theme.

I am in love with my medium. I love the process of frantically birthing clay monstrosities, subjecting them to an epic trial by fire, and sending them out into the world.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Otherworldly Far Realm Entity

I sold a beholder at the studio and decided I needed replenish the supply. This, should it be lucky enough to survive, will be Beholder #11. The object next to it is meant to be the genitalia of some otherworldly Far Realm entity.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cross of Skulls and Spare Eye

More scrap objects.

Chamsas 54 - 57

Chamsas 54, 55, and 56: texture experiments. I like them better without textures.

Chamsa 57: I like the emerald green glaze, but I think it looks wrong if the eyes obscure the shape of the hand.

Ent #1

This is my first Ent, with the hands raised over his head to represent foliage. Ent #1 is hollow and could be used as a vase. I was considering adding some plant to augment the effect.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Boggles and More Cock

Here is the output of this Tuesday night at the pottery studio.

I made two more boggles: A Sight-Stealer Boggle and a Body-Snatcher Boggle. The latter has a straw support to keep it from collapsing. Its future is uncertain and the likelihood of its survival is low.

The first penis monster was fun. There were a few amusing "Won't Somebody Think of the Children" moments among the people at the studio (although I wasn't there to experience them luckily), someone offered to buy it, and it was refused entry into several groups of Deviantart. So I made another cock, and much bigger this time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Main Villains

These are the main villains for Beyond the Crystal Cave, the Dream Queen hag Soryth and her consort the Cambion Devil Kalbon.

These are supposed to be boggles, goblin-like creatures that steal your keys. My only problem has been scale related, as usual. They're supposed to be small and mine are coming out tall and lanky.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Bob" Hate Plaque

The kilns were not kind to the image of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. The face cracked below the nose and the whole face became detached from the background in the bisque kiln. I used glaze to hold it in place, but the big flat piece in the back cracked in the glaze kiln. It still came out in one piece.

"Hate Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry": A delightful quote from Revelation X: The "Bob" Apocryphon.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Odd Clay Objects

These are the recent odd clay objects.

These four came from some cheap necklaces purchased at Fourth Avenue Street Fair in Tucson.

The scorpion and the witch are part of the 2011 post-Halloween shopping spree.

These are molds of some guns from Star Wars toys.

This is a spare Verbeeg head that was damaged by a careless needle tool. It's also my last clay object of 2011.


This eye was made for a chamsa, but it started to crack at the top, so it became this attractive monstrosity.

Fiend Plaque 2

Space Coyote 2

This is my second Space Coyote, representing Homer's spirit guide from "El viaje misterioso de nuestro Jomer."

The studio has an annoying policy of writing the date in pencil on the back of pieces that come out of the bisque kiln. At least, it's annoying to me. The graphite burns off if it's fired again in the glaze kiln so it doesn't affect the piece permanently. It annoys me because the extra handling of already fragile pieces could potentially damage them. I wrote a message on the back of this one saying "You don't need to write the date on me. All of my work is picked up promptly," but I was the one to unload the kiln so it didn't really matter.

Chamsa 53

In retrospect, I wish I had given this chamsa's eye a clitoris.

Verbeeg Miniatures

These are Verbeegs, green-skinned fey giants for use as miniatures in Beyond the Crystal Cave. The story involves a young interracial (Human and Elf) couple that is drawn into onto a magical island in the Feywild (the world of the faeries that lies parallel to what passes for the real world in the game). An evil Hag and her infernal consort bring the couple to the island in an attempt to gain control of the land, but are partially thwarted by a variety of fey creatures. One of these is a Verbeeg named Ragnar. The human male, Orlando, goes missing, and Ragnar sends his thuggish cousin Basal after Orlando, intending to slay him to keep him out of the hag's clutches. It's a delightfully convoluted story.

This was the first attempt and it came through the kiln missing most of one arm.

Note that Verbeeg can be used in a variety of clever phrases such as "Verbeeg Ego" or "Verbeeg Dilemma" or, in a slightly less clever example, "Verbeeg Miniature."

Penis Monster

This is a phallic dog-like creature based on the Etruscan bronze object seen below. At the studio, it's been named the Horn Dog and I'm flattered that some people thought it shouldn't be placed where children might see it. It was moved directly from the glaze kiln to my shelf. This is a good thing and it makes me think that I should incorporate phallic images into most or all of my future work. It was made as a commission, although not the kind for which I will necessarily get paid. Also, someone at the studio offered to buy it. So in addition to casual Judaica, here is my next avenue of income from clay objects: reproductions of ancient erotic art.

I haven't been able to find a lot of information about the original object online  It's an Etruscan bronze sculpture dating from the 4th Century B.C.E. 

Darth Vader Flowerpot 2

This is a second attempt at the Darth Vader Flowerpot from January 2011, which didn't even make it to the kiln. This version survived because it's a much simpler structure. It's also a cruder likeness of Darth Vader.

The view from above. While it is in theory a functional flower pot with drainage holes in the bottom, the helmet curves backwards over much of the pot. The resident plant would either need to be flexible enough to grow around it or willing to occupy the very back part of the pot.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winged Eye

I prefer not to waste clay. Here is an extra set of pixie wings and an extra eye for a chamsa reincarnated as a representation of the Egyptian god Horus.


These are waterspouts, elemental entities on an enchanted lake fighting alongside a male pixie named Ariel for a session of D&D Encounters.

Here they are from above to show the funnel-like shape.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ent Vase That Doesn't Hold Water

I started a second Ent/Treant figure. This one is based on a digital painting by SirJarva on Deviantart. I realized there was no way I could get the leafy foliage the way I wanted it with clay, so it came out as a vase that doesn't hold water. I was thinking of using broccoli and then possibly changing it out for cauliflower at some point. I think rosemary might also work well.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Satyr Brawlers, Group 2

This is my second group of satyrs. I used a different technique to attach the horns and on two out of three satyrs, it worked. The bald satyr in the middle still lost most of his horns.

Chamsas 49 - 52

The eye on Chamsa 52 became detached from the hand in the bisque kiln, but I was able to reattach it using the glaze as an adhesive. This gives me hope for the "Bob" object.