Aberrant Ceramics is the art of Aaron Nosheny.

I make hand-built pottery, sculpture, ornaments, masks, menorahs, and other clay objects.

I also use glazed and painted ceramic objects in digitally constructed illustrations, including a children's book and a Tarot deck.

Contact me if you see something you want to own or you want to commission me to make something for you.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Better Than Bad; It's Good

More an excuse to play with the molds I made than any kind of creative outlet, I recently made these two log-like objects.

Observe if you will the sheer quantity of weird clay objects, soon to be relocated to a much smaller space.

What rolls down stairs
alone or in pairs,
and over your neighbor's dog?
What's great for a snack,
And fits on your back?
It's log, log, log

It's log, it's log,
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
It's log, it's log, it's better than bad, it's good.

Log from the Ren & Stimpy Show