Aberrant Ceramics is the art of Aaron Nosheny.

I make hand-built pottery, sculpture, ornaments, masks, menorahs, and other clay objects.

I am also making a Tarot deck using ceramic objects in digitally constructed illustrations.

Contact me if you see something you want to own or you want to commission me to make something for you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Plaguechanged Ooze

The Spellplague affects everyone: human beings, dogs, the undead, dragons, even those enormous, ravenous sacks of protoplasm that crawl up from the sewers from time to time.

This is a plaguechanged ooze for a game of D&D Encounters. You can tell it's plaguechanged because of the blue streaks. I've since learned that at some point in the game (when it loses half its hit points), it undergoes cell division, so I've already started on two other oozes.