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Aberrant Ceramics is the artwork of Aaron Nosheny,
ceramicist and potter in Tucson, Arizona.

I work in the medium of stoneware clay and make hand-built pottery, sculpture, hamsas, ornaments, masks, and a variety of other forms.

Self-taught artist on the autism spectrum. I like monsters, insects, weird animals, body horror, horror comedy, Halloween decorations, fast food mascots, kitsch – and all of these creep into my work, but there’s really no overarching theme. I’m just frantically birthing as many clay monstrosities out into the world as I can until I’m no longer able to do so.

This blog has served as a record of my ceramic output since 2006. Want to wade through two decades of my neurodivergent art experiments, including all the failures? You're in the right place! Follow me on all the ₱ợƥứꞭⱥꝵ social media sites for a more curated selection of photos and fucktons of make-believe professionalism!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Plaguechanged Ooze

The Spellplague affects everyone: human beings, dogs, the undead, dragons, even those enormous, ravenous sacks of protoplasm that crawl up from the sewers from time to time.

This is a plaguechanged ooze for a game of D&D Encounters. You can tell it's plaguechanged because of the blue streaks. I've since learned that at some point in the game (when it loses half its hit points), it undergoes cell division, so I've already started on two other oozes.