Aberrant Ceramics is the ceramic artwork of Aaron Nosheny.

I work in the medium of stoneware clay and make hand-built pottery, primitive sculpture, hamsas, and a variety of other forms. My work celebrates and pushes the plasticity of the medium. The content of the work follows an inner landscape of biological obsessions, psychic damage, and bouncy cartoon animals.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Warthog/Old Warthog

Tonight I noticed that my Warthog Column that was in the studio gallery has a broken tusk. There are a lot of kids' classes right now and I automatically blame those little fuckers. It leaves me little choice but to go to the shelves with the children's work and break off a few random pieces.

I made a new one, but I like the original better, although it's not actually my original Warthog Column. It's #3. The first one was damaged when I moved into my apartment in May 2010.