Aberrant Ceramics is the art of Aaron Nosheny.

I make hand-built pottery, sculpture, ornaments, masks, menorahs, and other clay objects.

I also use glazed and painted ceramic objects in digitally constructed illustrations, including a children's book and a Tarot deck.

Contact me if you see something you want to own or you want to commission me to make something for you.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

First Attempt at the Prince of Evil Earth Creatures

View the finished Bust of Ogrémoch here.

I was looking through the first edition AD&D Fiend Folio for projects and I came upon the image of Ogremoch, the Prince of Evil Earth Creatures.  It looked like something I could do using the slab method I've been using to build pots.  I made him in three parts last night.

Tonight I put the pieces together.  It's over two feet tall.  I managed to get it up into the top shelf in the closet, but by the time I got it up there, it wasn't balanced enough to stand on its own.  I'm thinking I'm probably going to take it apart, recycle most of the clay (I might keep the head) and start again when I come back from Pennsylvania.  It might work better if the bottom piece is larger and if I put slabs of clay in between each part.  If by some chance it does survive, I'm planning on adding hands and shoulders.