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Aberrant Ceramics is the artwork of Aaron Nosheny,
ceramic artist and potter in Tucson, Arizona.

I work in the medium of stoneware clay and make hand-built pottery, sculpture, hamsas, ornaments, masks, and a variety of other forms.

I’m a self-taught autistic artist working in my medium for over twenty years. I like monsters, insects, weird animals, body horror, folk horror, horror comedy, horror in general, Halloween decorations, fast food mascots, kitsch – all of these creep into my work, but there’s really no overarching theme.

I am in love with my medium. I love the process of frantically birthing clay monstrosities, subjecting them to an epic trial by fire, and sending them out into the world.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Punk Ralphie



I'm making masks inspired by silent/early Universal horror movie characters and I decided to revisit Punk Ralphie. This is a larger wall mask version.




This started with someone else's AI prompt for a punk version of A Christmas Story. I love the badge the kid is wearing on his sweater. It reminds me of the Misfits Fiend/Crimson Ghost, but it also looks like the face of Ralphie, the main character of A Christmas Story.

Variations on Punk Ralphie: