Aberrant Ceramics is the art of Aaron Nosheny.

I make hand-built pottery, sculpture, ornaments, masks, menorahs, and other clay objects.

I also use glazed and painted ceramic objects in digitally constructed illustrations, including a children's book and a Tarot deck.

Contact me if you see something you want to own or you want to commission me to make something for you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cat Column with Eye Maggots

This is one of a series of column sculptures based on Lewis Carroll characters, in this case the venerable Cheshire Cat. This version has worm-like projections coming out of its eye sockets. It was mostly an experiment to see if they would survive the whole bisque kiln experience. Small projections are often lost.

I submitted this and two other sculptures for an exhibition called "The Monsters That Made Us." I received an email asking me to write an explanation how the sculptures fit into the the theme and I can't think of anything coherent to write.