Aberrant Ceramics is the ceramic artwork of Aaron Nosheny.

I work in the medium of stoneware clay and make hand-built pottery, primitive sculpture, hamsas, and a variety of other forms. My work celebrates and pushes the plasticity of the medium. The content of the work follows an inner landscape of biological obsessions, psychic damage, and bouncy cartoon animals.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Can't Sleep; Clown Will Eat Me

The head of this column sculpture is based on the clown bed that Homer built for Bart in the Simpsons episode "Lisa's First Word."

Other Simpsons-related work, clockwise from the top:

  • Zombie marge surrounded by 13 skulls

  • Non-Zombie Marge

  • Two Maggie Simpson coins

  • Three Clay Collage faces containing portions of
    Maggie, C. Montgomery Burns, and Lisa respectively.